Design-Build 101: How we design your dream home

The design-build process is very involved behind the scenes, yet it takes the stress away from the homeowner. When you choose to work with a design-build firm, you are getting a personalized level of service that allows trust to be formed between yourself and your...

A tribute to German Herrera, our dear friend and colleague

We are so sorry to say that our dear friend and colleague, German Herrera, passed away unexpectedly on March 9, 2017. German was born on June 25, 1964, and was a dedicated husband and father of two. He moved here from his home in Mexico to try and build a better life...

A one-of-a-kind, modern home designed for an Okanagan view

The best home designs come from an ability to build strong relationships with clients and listen to their needs. Over the years, I've had the privilege of designing and building homes for families and couples with a variety of tastes and the highest compliment is...

Is it time to turf grassy front lawns in the Okanagan?

This summer has brought home a number of home truths when it comes to the environment in British Columbia, chief among them our consumption of water. Western Canada is facing severe drought conditions with some municipalities and districts declaring water restrictions and even states of emergency. As things heat up, outside watering has become one of the biggest targets for calls of conservation and reform.

7 ways home design has changed since the mid-century

They say that you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. This theory is why history is so important and why, as a custom home designer, it is important that I reflect back on the way things were. Our world is evolving at a breakneck pace; most of the time we don’t realize just how far we’ve come until we begin to reflect back on old television shows and remember the homes we grew up in.

6 design lessons we can all learn from tiny homes and micro suites

Micro suites are a quickly growing building trend in the Okanagan and throughout BC, but in other major cities they are simply called “apartments”. In densely populated cities like New York, Tokyo and Paris, it isn’t unusual to pack your entire life into a space that...

Less is more – Embracing minimalism and modern home design

The term ‘minimalism’ is a trend from the early 19th century and gradually became an important movement in response to the over-decorated design of the previous period. The phrase “Less Is More” came from an 1855 poem called The Faultless Painter by Robert Browning...

The home design process in 7 steps

Every great home starts with a great home design. A floorplan that works for your family and lifestyle with a stylish design that reflects who you are and makes the most of your property’s best features. For some clients, this can feel like a daunting process, but when we break it down, there are just a handful of basic steps to designing an incredible home.