A sneak peek at luxury home design trends for 2014

Before you sit down with your luxury home designer to talk about your dream home, it’s a good idea to know a little about current trends in home design. Innovations in energy efficiency and “smart” technology continue to play a key role in luxury home design.

Many aspects of daily living, from temperature control to security and home entertainment, have been automated, which means that you and your family can enjoy a more carefree and comfortable lifestyle. In fact, your smartphone carries the technology to regulate your environment and your electronics.

Today’s luxury home designers are incorporating the use of more environmentally friendly materials, like cork and bamboo, in their designs, where feasible. There is a trend toward recycling and reusing materials for clients who want a more rustic or natural feel for their new home, and home designers are utilizing reclaimed hardwood – flooring and beams – brick, stone and other materials to meet the demand.

Open floor plans are very much on trend in today’s luxury home designs. High, sometimes beamed ceilings and large, high-performance windows let in lots of light and keep out harmful UV rays. Spacious kitchens feature large islands, heated floors, high-tech appliances, a breakfast nook or dining area, and plenty of space where family and guests can gather to help out with food prep. Large walk-in closets (for her and for him) still on the up-trend in luxury home design, provide easy access to wardrobe essentials for busy people.

Master baths have evolved into spa-like retreats. Expanded space means the shower, tub, toilet, and grooming area are all in separate areas. When it comes to storage, the trend is “the more, the better,” so new luxury home designs often feature built-ins and storage spaces created in nooks and crannies. A burgeoning trend in luxury home design is meeting the needs of aging baby boomers by creating designs and using fixtures and materials that will allow for “aging in place.”

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