Who We Work With

A Higher Standard in Home Design + Construction

Apchin Design Corp. specializes in designing and building unique, site-specific homes. We have worked with homeowners throughout the Okanagan Valley and across Western Canada to design and construct spectacular homes that redefine luxury in the local market.

Who is our ideal client?

Our ideal client appreciates value and understands the difference between quality and quantity. At Apchin Design Corp., we prefer to invest our time in creating fewer, quality, luxury homes than to compete with tract builders interested in turning out quantity. Regardless of the size of the project, our ideal client would recognize the value of having our team spend time on the details and balance value while achieving the quality they desire. Our clients concur with the Gucci family’s motto that “quality is remembered long after the cost is forgotten”.

The clients that we choose to work with recognize the benefit of hiring one firm to design and build their project from start to finish. They “get” that having the combined services from one firm is very rare in the industry and that the offering is more streamlined and cost-effective than awarding and coordinating multiple companies, all with conflicting ideas and schedules.

We find it rewarding to work with clients that retain us for our talent and expertise, then trust us to guide them through the formidable yet exhilarating process of manifesting their dream home into a reality.

What is Design-Build?

Apchin Design Corp. uses the design-build delivery system exclusively for all of our projects. With design-build, you only have to hire one company and one point of contact to manage your entire project, from concept to completion.


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